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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Peaceful Assembly

Inspiring to us has been today's relatively even-handed television news coverage of massive protests in New York City against Bush and the RNC. 25,000 marched across the Brooklyn Bridge in support of women's right to choose. And today, according to NBC Nightly News, 400,000 (or 120,000 depending on whom you ask) people marched in midtown, past Madison Square Garden where the convention will be held. In a refreshing burst of accuracy, coverage has presented the legions of marchers as witty (No More Years!), totally committed and peaceful, with few arrests.

One demonstrator is quoted on MSNBC saying, “[Republicans] chose New York, where they’re universally hated. They should have gone somewhere they’re more welcome. They exploited 9-11 by having it in New York at this time.”

FOX is an exception, leading its coverage of the protests with an incoherent tribute to the president's war on terror. check here for more:,2933,130522,00.html

Well, we were living in NYC on 9/11 and can attest to the truth of the MSNBC quote. The overwhelming feeling among all thinking New Yorkers was that Bush failed us completely. To begin with, he did not even show up in the city for a couple of days after 9/11. When he did come, it was to grandstand at Ground Zero and begin pushing his war agenda. And that was before he cut the promised funds to the city, as well as cutting funding to first responders. We were not fooled. The American people should not be fooled either.


At 8:18 AM, Blogger batya said...

It is refreshing when the media get it right.


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