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Monday, August 30, 2004

Someone You Know is Gay

Probably no big surprise to anyone here, but you might be surprised to hear that a lot of Americans think they don't know anyone who is gay. And it turns out that people who do know a gay person are more likely to support marriage equality and civil rights for gay people. Our contribution to this discussion was to launch a Web site encouraging those of us who support the gay community to do what we can to educate others and diminish the impact of the destructive stereotypes promulgated by the right. So please check out Someone You Know is Gay ( and take any or all of the actions suggested -- sign the pledge, pass the site along to others, talk to others about the gay and lesbian people in your life.

We know there is an important sense in which this issue is a smokescreen by the neocons to harness Christian cultural anger in the service of harmful and anti-democratic economic and political programs. At the same time, an important way to take the teeth out of their attempts to do so would be to educate those cultural conservatives about the human reality of the gay people that surround them. SYKiG hopes to contribute to that effort.


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