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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Are You a Girly-Man?

Take this short quiz to find out. Give yourself one point for each Yes answer:

1. Are you unemployed? y/n
- Bonus Point: Give yourself an extra point if your job was outsourced

2. Do you lack health insurance? y/n

3. Despite the Republicans' rosy hallucinations about the economy, do you have a sneaking suspicion that you are doing worse than you were four years ago? y/n

4. Do you think it unlikely that your family will benefit in the near term from tax cuts for people who earn over $200,000 a year?

5. Do you think that a net loss of over 2 million jobs in the past four years sounds like, well, kind of a lot? y/n

5. Are you now or have you ever been a scrawny boy from Austria with a thing for Richard Nixon? y/n

6. Are you, in fact, a woman? y/n

Add up your points. 0 -- You may not be a girly-man. 1-2 -- you are sounding more girly-mannish by the second. You might want to go pump some iron or something. 3-4 -- Definite girly-man material. Stop whining. You are hurting our robustly masculine ears here. 5+ Fer cryin' out loud, go put on a skirt and some makeup.


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