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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Bush Camp in Disarray on Iraq

The BBC reports that Colin Powell has said the insurgency in Iraq is getting worse, not better. This would seem to be a striking departure from the the optimistic line that Bush and Ayad Allawi have been taking. At the same time, it is somewhat supportive of the dissonant view of Rumsfeld, who suggested that the violence may prevent elections being held throughout the country, if and when elections do take place.

Indeed, the Bush team seems also to be coming apart over the whole question of elections. Bush waxes sentimental about Iraqi freedom, while Rumsfeld suggests that elections may not take place everywhere in the country and if they don't, c'est la vie.

On This Week today, Madeleine Albright made the excellent point that the whole purpose of holding elections in Iraq is to arrive at a government that the majority of citizens will view as legitimate. An election that excludes a substantial portion of the electorate will not do the job.


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