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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Bush an Even Bigger Liar Than You Thought

Raw Story breaks the news that back in 1978, Bush actually claimed he had served in the Air Force -- after going to Harvard B-School! A piece of campaign literature from Bush's failed run for Congress asserts that, "after recieving[...] a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard University, he served in the U.S. Air Force and the Texas Air National Guard."

Of course, Bush never served in the Air Force, and all of his sub-standard National Guard service took place before he went to Harvard.

The lie has been repeated several times. When questioned about it during his 2000 Presidential run by the AP, Bush insisted that he was "in the Air Force," and Karen Hughes said that when Bush attended flight school, he was deemed to be on active duty for the Air Force.

Well, the Air Force begs to differ. Several Air Force spokespeople seem to have told Nation columnist David Corn that active-duty members of the Air National Guard are not considered to be part of the US Air Force. "If a member of the Air National Guard is in pilot training," says Captain Cristin Lesperance of the US Air Force media relations office, "they would remain on the Guard books. They would be counted as Guard, not as an active-duty Air Force member."

Oops, he did it again. And no one has called him on it yet.

It isn't that important. It shouldn't be that important. Except that the Bush campaign has made a huge issue about statements that John Kerry made thirty years ago, and about the number of layers of Kerry's skin that the shrapnel penetrated. And the media thumped on that theme relentlessly for days, giving the Swift Boat Veterans for Bullshit all the air time they needed to make a true hero look like a fake.

Well, where are the media now? What about the statements, the outright lies, that George Bush was promulgating in that same timeframe? Where is the outrage? Where are the Coke-Snorting Harvard B-School Alums for Truth or whatever? Where is CBS News on this one? Most of all, why does this creepy, dumb, privileged, lying sack of shit get a pass every time?


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