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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Bush Family Has Long History of War Profiteering

A new report in the Guardian (U.K.) suggests that President Bush's penchant for war profiteering may be genetic. His grandfather, Prescott Bush, served as a director for a company that reaped profits from the financial backers of Hitler -- and continued to work for them after America entered the war.

At the time, an investigation revealed that Prescott Bush's bank had operated what amounted to a shell company for a German group that had at least partly financed Hitler's rise to power. More intriguing, but less clear-cut, is the suggestion that Prescott Bush may have had an interest in a company called CSSC (Consolidated Silesian Steel Company)which used slave laborers from Auschwitz during the war.

The point here is not that Prescott Bush was a Nazi-sympathizer -- there is no evidence that he was. It is that the Bush family clearly has a long history of finding war to be profitable for themselves and their associates. And they have worked hard to hush up that fact, both in the past and today. What we have here is a pattern.


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