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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Bush's Quagmire

On the very sad occasion of the 1000th casualty of the Iraq war, it seems appropriate to post this unbelievably damning perspective on administration policy from an unnamed senior figure at a military sponsored thinktank, in the latest Atlantic Monthly:

"If I can be blunt, the administration is full of shit. In my view, we are much, much worse off now than when we went into Iraq. That is not a partisan position. I voted for these guys. But I think they are incompetent, and I have had a very close perspective on what is happening. Certainly in the long run, we have harmed ourselves. We are playing to the enemy's political advantage. Whatever tactical victories we may gain along the way, this will prove to be a strategic blunder."

-- From "Bush's Lost Year," James Fallows, The Atlantic, October 2004 (requires subscription)

Equally illuminating: this source will not allow his name to be printed and explains why by reference to Joseph Wilson, Richard Clarke and Generals Eric Shinseki and Anthony Zinni in order to, as Fallows puts it, "illustrate the personal risk of openly expressing his dissenting view."


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