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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Reality Check on Polls

Okay, the post-RNC polls are being presented in the mainstream media as portending no good for John Kerry. The latest Newsweek poll has Bush up by 52% to 41%. Revoltingly, both Bush and Cheney's favorability ratings are up. Click here for details.

Most troubling is the way that Newsweek and similar "mainstream" media outlets are cranking out headlines that make it sound like the game is over.

Reality Check: A bounce should be expected and they don't call it a bounce for nothing. What goes up tends to come down -- especially in the face of the realities of Bush's failed economic and foreign policies. Viewers may be briefly buoyed up by the triumphalistic rhetoric but ultimately, they will get back to noticing that they still don't have jobs or healthcare, that their children ARE being left behind and that the death toll in Iraq continues to rise without any discernable progress being made there.

Another Reality Check: We can help move this process forward, one conversation at a time. Keep talking to your undecided friends. For some great facts and figures on the record of Team Bush, check out "Bush By the Numbers" from Vanity Fair's Graydon Carter.

Dems continue to outnumber Republicans in this country. If we all vote, we will win.


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