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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

A Satisfying 60 Minutes

As shallow as TV journalism invariably is, and yet tonight's 60 Minutes II, featuring the much-publicized interview with Ben Barnes, successfully punched holes in virtually every aspect of Bush's account of his national guard service. In case there is anyone who even still entertains serious questions on the subject, you heard it here first: He used influence to get in. He did not show up for duty. He violated direct orders from superiors who told him to fulfill his obligations. It seems inevitable we will learn that his "honorable discharge" was bought with influence as well, or rubber-stamped by someone who did not know the facts of the matter.

Barnes was very credible in his description of the favors that he did for sons of the wealthy and powerful, including the Bush family, back when he was an ambitious young politico. And Bush's spokesperson, Dan Bartlett has never looked sillier or more at a loss for words than when called upon to explain the official Bush account in the face of incontrovertable facts to the contrary, including memos from a former commanding officer indicating that he was being pressured to give Bush a pass when in fact, he had never shown up for duty.

This is our commander in chief? Puh-leese.


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