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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The War on Error

Please take a moment to send good vibes in the general direction of AP reporter Scott Lindlaw, who makes this fair and responsible effort to place Bush's lighter-than-air pronouncements and misrepresentations of Kerry's positions in the context of some facts.

Here's a sample:

"In the last six months of the prior administration, more than 200,000 manufacturing jobs were lost. We're turning that around," said Bush, who cited the addition of 107,000 manufacturing jobs this year.
According to the Labor Department, the number of payroll jobs has grown by 1.7 million in the past 12 months, but the economy still has lost 913,000 positions since Bush took office in January 2001. In manufacturing alone, the number of job losses under Bush stands at 2.67 million, though factory employment has risen by 107,000 since January.

And further down:

"Raising taxes will be bad for our economy," the president told supporters near Philadelphia.
Kerry has proposed raising taxes on only the top 2 percent of wage earners while leaving cuts for the middle-class in place.

Finally our favorite:

The Republican incumbent argued that Kerry would dramatically increase government spending, but did not mention that on his own watch, federal spending has mushroomed at the fastest pace in a decade, fueled by war and a surge in non-defense spending.
We wish we did not have to look upon Mr. Lindlaw as a big hero for doing what any responsible journalist ought. Still, it is heartening to see that there still are reporters who will hold a public figure's statements up to the cold light of reality. We wish that the likes of Mr. Lindlaw were more common in the ranks of the "mainstream" media.


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