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Friday, October 01, 2004

The Best Moment of Last Night's Debate

It's hard to pick a favorite, given that our hero mostly wiped the floor with Bush, who alternately repeated vacuous, scripted talking points and looked petulant. A lot of people, us included, loved the part where Kerry pointed out in lucid, clear English, that it was Al Quaeda that attacked the United States, not Iraq. Others might say it was when our famously lazy president uttered the phrase "it's hard work" for the umpteenth time.

But for The Peach's money, the standout highlight was Bush's rebuttal to Kerry's response to this question: "As president, what would you do specifically, in addition to or differently, to increase the homeland security of the United States than what President Bush is doing?"

Kerry outlined a lengthy list of really basic, obvious safeguards that have yet to be implemented on the homeland security front.

Then the big Bush gaffe:

"I don't think we want to get to how he's going to pay for all these promises. It's like a huge tax gap"

At the risk of sounding like Bush himself, say what? Now let us get this straight: Our safety is on the back burner so that Bush can give a big tax cut to rich people and pay for a completely unnecessary war. Okay, er, got it. We encourage our readers to spread this gaffe around the Internet and send to every media outlet you can.

And we have to add that Bush's later contention, that "we've increased funding for dealing with nuclear proliferation, about 35 percent since I've been the president," is a flat-out lie. According to, "The Washington Post reported Oct. 1 that Bush proposed a 13 percent cut in his first budget as President -- about $116 million. Much of the increases since then have been added by Congress, the Post reported."

We are grateful that, for the moment anyway, much of the mainstream media seems to be more or less calling it as it was.



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