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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Breaking News: Republican-sponsored Voter Fraud

Major Republican voter fraud is afoot in multiple states, The Peach has discovered. KLAS-TV in Las Vegas just reported that a group calling itself Voters Outreach of America, a voter-registration organization, was sifting out registrations from Democrats and tossing them out. By law, voter registration organizations cannot refuse registrations based on party affiliations. The information was reported by employees of Voters Outreach of America who were shocked to find their supervisors separating out and destroying Democratic registrations.

The Peach has further discovered that Voter Outreach of America is the brainchild of one Nathan Sproul, former executive director of the Arizona Republican Party and of the Christian Coalition of Arizona. He is now a partner at Sproul & Associates, a registration consulting firm for the Republicans, and has been collecting big bucks from the Republicans for some time. (see this chart). Probably not coincidentally, Sproul was also responsible for Republicans circulating petitions in order to get Ralph Nader on the November ballot in some states.

But wait. It gets uglier. There is evidence that Sproul & Associates have also attempted to perpetrate voter registration fraud for their Republican masters in Arizona and Oregon, and, The Peach has just discovered, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Librarians in Arizona and Oregon had been phoned by Sproul & Associates employees claiming to have been hired by America Votes, a legitimate progressive organization consisting of such groups as the AFL-CIO and Voices of Working Families. The S & A callers requested permission to open voter registration booths in the target libraries. Fortunately, some alert librarians phoned America Votes and discovered that the group had never heard of S & A.

In West Virginia and Pennsylvania, Sproul hired Kelly temporary services to do voter registration. The people at Kelly were trained to first ask people who they were going to vote for. People who indicated they were voting for Bush were given a registration form. If they said Kerry, they were sent on their way. When angry librarians approached Sproul for an explanation he claimed that he was doing "market surveys."

The Peach has also uncovered this information: In June 2004 the Tucson Weekly ran a story about an initiative to eliminate "Clean Elections" in Arizona, a program that provides public funding for political campaigning, an initiative approved by Arizonians just six years ago. The person behind this initiative? None other than Nathan Sproul! Apparently, seven out of nine successful candidates used "Clean Elections" to help them get elected, including current Democratic Governor Janet Napolitano.

It seems likely that significant numbers of Democratic voters are being fraudulently disenfranchised, under the auspices of the Republican party. In a democracy, there are few worse crimes short of murder. The Republican party needs to be held accountable by mainstream media for this. People need to know that the party that currently claims to stand for patriotic, American values is implicated in robbing them of their right to participate in the democratic process.


At 12:24 PM, Blogger Beth said...

Thanks for the information, Rudy. This post has to be quick because I have to call my county clerk on the spreading fraud. Sorry if I don't conform to blogging conventions, but this is my first comment.

Yes, Sproul has spread to FLORIDA. I am registered with AppleOne temporary agency, and just received a call asking if I could work from now until the election. As my prospective duties were explained to me: "You go stand outside grocery stores or Home Depots and ask people if they have registered to vote. If they have not, you give them an absentee ballot." Looks like Sproul and his RNC funders have come up with a twist to place absentee ballots in question in Florida.

At 5:10 PM, Blogger Beth said...

This story was featured on NPR, and, apparently, litigation has now been filed against Mr. Sproul.

I'm registered with a temp agency here in the Clearwater area. I received a call today asking me to work until the election for Sproul & Associates. I may do it just to find out what he is up to here in the sunshine state.

At 8:21 AM, Blogger Rudy Baron said...

Hi Beth: We are continuing to report this story and would be very interested to learn more about your situation, what you've been hearing, etc. Is there any way we can contact you? Thanks a million.



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