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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Bush Gets In Touch With His Gay Side

For a President who is staking his re-election bid on his consistency, Bush is running a big risk by suddenly coming out in favor of civil unions. Conservative Christian leaders are already expressing dismay and the comment threatens to do more to derail the enthusiasm of the Bush base than anything John Kerry could say about Mary Cheney.

Bush's newfound sentimentality for gay couples comes as a shock to The Peach and many others, as it is seemingly not only a massive flip-flop, but one that makes the president's entire position on gay issues completely incoherent. If gay couples want to marry, we need to amend the Constitution to prevent them from doing so. But if they only want to "marry," why then, we should let them. Come again?

We cannot deny a certain satisfaction in seeing Bush deteriorate into silliness in the final week of the campaign, and we certainly will not be sorry if his strange championing of gay civil unions means that a healthy swath of the right-wing social conservative electorate just stays home on November 2.

But The Peach can't help feeling some puzzlement at his, er, fuzzy logic. We will be interested to see how this plays out in the SCLM -- will they call Bush on his incoherence and trot out the likes of Dr. James Dobson to denounce him? Stay tuned.


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