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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Don't You Believe It

Apparently, in yet another act of desperation, the Republican party has now focused its spin on supposed incidents of violence at Bush campaign offices around the country. The Peach will not go as far as saying that these are nothing short of lies, but both the timing of these claims and the fact that the Reps' reputation for cheating has been well documented (do we have to remind people of that Florida thing), makes us wonder if they're planning on doing the old "look, it's Batman," diversion yet again.

And if that's not enough to make The Peach's fuzz stand up, the SCLM decides to run Republican accusations the week before the election, neglecting all the while months of intimidation and vandalism perpetrated by Republicans upon the Democratic faithful. The Peach would like to point out this article from The Advertiser in Louisiana, dated September 17, reporting the second attack on the Democratic Party Headquarters in Lafayette. The article provides pictures and other evidence of Republican thuggery. Yet, none of the major national papers bothered to provide this incident any space.

The problems with truth and coverage don't just stop there. On October 24 RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie went on Meet The Press ranting about Democratic voter fraud, without one shred of evidence to what he claimed (trading votes for crack seemed rather bizarre), while we here at The Peach, on October 13, posted evidence of actual and widespread voter fraud commited by Sproul & Associates on behalf of the Republican Party. Unfortunately, we feel Tim Russert hasn't warmed up to The Peach and, therefore, was unable to press Gillespie on these well documented issues.

Republican bullying and cover-up doesn't stop there. The Peach knows of people having Kerry/Edwards signs torn from their lawns, pro-Bush bosses forcing employees to remove K/E bumper stickers from their cars, video distributors carving "liar" onto copies of Farenheit 9/11, painting "W" on houses of Kerry supporters, harassment at pro-Democratic rallies, etc. Let's face it, this is just another phoney argument Republicans have constructed in order to contest Kerry's election. The Peach can smell it from a million miles away. The SCLM must step up to the plate and not accept on face value what Republicans are claiming. What true reporters need to do is ask the RNC this: Where's the beef?

Oh, by the way, if the above doesn't convince you, The Peach suggests you read this piece from the BBC. It seems the Bushies are up to their usual dirty tricks in Florida again.


At 2:07 PM, Blogger Pusillanimous Wanker said...

Whenever I point out GOP voter suppression on PW2, the only rebuttal I get from the wingers is "voter fraud", HQ vadalism, and stealing signs . . . as if these things (generously assuming they are true) are even in the same league.

Pathetic, really.


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