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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Hey, Iraq! Feeling Safer Yet?

A report from the BBC News is yet more proof that Bush resides in la la land. With the administrtion's constant mantra of how the Iraqi people are enjoying their new found democracy this fact comes out: that scientists put the number of Iraqi civilian casualties at 100,000. And if that isn't enough to trample Bush's "democracy on the march" fantasy, how about this:

A study published by the Lancet says the risk of death by violence for civilians in Iraq is now 58 times higher than before the US-led invasion.

The report also went on to say this:
Before the invasion, most people died as a result of heart attack, stroke and chronic illness, whereas after the invasion, "violence was the primary cause of death".
All of this the by-product of Bush's poorly planned, ego-driven, delusional, "they love us in Baghdad" invasion, neatly filed as another component of the "werr on terr".

Meanwhile, Americans keep hearing how Iraqis are better off now than they were four years ago. Hey, Iraq! Would you vote for this guy?


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