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Thursday, October 14, 2004

It's Education, Stupid!

Was it us, or did Bush avoid most questions, on such important topics as unemployment, wealth disparities and racial discrimination, by talking inexplicably (and incoherently) about education?

According to our Fearless Leader, if you are unemployed, you need education. If you are still only earning $5.15 an hour at your minimum wage job, you need education. If you are the target of racism, you need education. The Peach found it hard to imagine that the unemployed, the working poor and all thinking people would not be insulted by this shallow, self-serving and meaningless response to their situations.

Furthermore, the president continually conflated K-12 education with higher education, for example, talking about No Child Left Behind as a "jobs program." He seems to be suggesting that a 40-year old man or woman, with a couple of kids to put through college, who finds his or her job outsourced, should . . . er . . . go back to elementary school? We are as perplexed as you are about that.

And how about that flu shot debacle? We don't have enough flu vaccine, so don't get a flu shot. But it is all the fault of the trial lawyers. And anyway, we are trying to import additional doses of flu vaccine . . . from Canada!

At this point, The Peach began experiencing flu-like symptoms and had to take some aspirin and lie down. And we tried to unpack the president's logic. We really did. Then it came to us. We probably just need more education.


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