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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Mrs. Cheney Not Always So Enraged By Lesbianism

Back in 1981, Mrs. Cheney penned a steamy lesbian bodice-ripper titled Sisters that was nothing if not "cheap and tawdry." The paperback chronicles the 19th century adventures of one Sophie Dymond, who arrives in America's wild West as a sweet young thing, only to discover that it is a place where (as the jacket copy has it) "the relationship between women and men had become a kind of guerilla warfare in which women were forced to band together for the strength they needed, and at times for the love they wanted . . . " Males in the novel are uniformly presented as self-interested brutes, and the novel suggests not only that lesbianism does indeed pose a kind of subversive threat to heterosexual marriage, but that it's a good thing! Cheney seems to be arguing passionately that, given what total jerks men are, what right-thinking woman wouldn't prefer to be a lesbian?

Here's a snippet, and find more here.  Posted by Hello


At 11:35 PM, Blogger batya said...

Given the men she hangs with it's not terribly surprising, (after the initial surprise of her authorship of this novel, of course), that she characterizes men as self-interested brutes. Aren't writers at their best when they write from personal experience?


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