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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Our Man In Baghdad

Bush's new best friend, Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, seems to be having second thoughts about the relationship. Today, he blamed U.S. negligence for the gruesome, execution-style slaying of fifty Iraqi soldiers. Allawi said:
It was a heinous crime where a group of National Guardsmen were targeted. There was great negligence on the part of some coalition forces.
Allawi also warned of escalating attacks, and the AP notes that:
[u]nderscoring the warning, insurgents made a new threat of nationwide attacks against U.S. and Iraqi forces "with weapons and military tactics they have not experienced before" if American forces try to storm the militant stronghold of Fallujah.
Is The Peach being cynical to ask if those purported new, never-before-experienced weapons might be powered by some of the 380 tons of high explosives looted out of the Al Qa Qaa ammo dump -- also due to U.S. negligence? The SCLM is certainly not suggesting anything of the sort. But we can't help wondering.


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