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Friday, October 08, 2004

Those "Regular Guys" on the Right

In painting John Kerry as a brie-munching, French-speaking, manicured, rich tool of a phony liberal intelligensia, the right has furthered its project of positioning itself squarely -- if dishonestly -- on the side of ordinary working people. Sean Hannity has been one of the most vocal promoters of this lie, frequently contrasting the supposed elitism of Kerry and the Democrats with his own allegedly oh-so-humble, average-guy lifestyle.

Recently, for example, according to Media Matters, Hannity mocked out on Kerry's windsurfing, bloviating that:
[C]arpenters, electricians, regular folks" don't windsurf and asserting that "I know a lot about carpenters and electricians and plumbers, and I'm gonna tell you something right now that the ones I knew and worked with in New England ... were too busy working to find a little spare time to head off to Nantucket for the weekend and start windsurfing."

What a surprise it must have been, then, for the students at Washington University in St. Louis, when Hannity cancelled a planned talk at the school because he didn't like any of the private jets that were proposed for his transportation, and a first-class commercial ticket was not a good enough substitute!

Then, plain-speaking, shoot-from-the-hip Hannity asked the event organizers to lie about his reasons for not coming. According to Wash U's student magazine:

"[Hannity's agent] said he thought we should say that because of the short time frame involved, it didn't work out," said [Washington University law student Ruth] Hollander. "I said I didn't think that was the truth, and...I really felt we had met all of our commitments and we were going to be honest when asked."

Somehow, The Peach cannot imagine the essentially decent John Kerry doing something like this. It is an utter mystery to us how the likes of Hannity have so successfully promoted their phony populism while working energetically to promote policies that harm middle- and working-class people. A related mystery: how the mainstream media allows these lies to go unchallenged. The Peach will give a special mention to anyone who finds this story picked up by major media.


At 1:32 AM, Blogger batya said...

No. Another Bush ally who says one thing and does another? It can't be. Really. It just can't be!

At 1:43 AM, Blogger Mohawk Man said...

What kind of @#$% is this?



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