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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Was Bush Wired During Debate?

It's been suggested that Bush may have been wearing some kind of wireless earpiece during the debate, through which aides could coach him on answers and body language.

The evidence in favor of this possibility: Sixty seconds into his first 90 second answer during the debate, Bush could be heard to mutter “let me finish” before continuing his answer. He had plenty of time left, and neither Jim Lehrer nor Senator Kerry had made any move to interrupt.

The suspicious minds on the Web are wondering, who was Bush talking to? Their conclusion: Bush was equipped with an earpiece, and someone assigned to prompt him was interrupting a train of thought. You can check out the audio clip for yourself at indymedia's Web site, and reach your own conclusions. Other conspiracy theorists on the Web insist that at various times Bush made ear-rubbing gestures, consistent with wearing an ear-device.

The evidence against: Bush's performance in the debate overall was so abysmal. If someone was prompting him, surely he would have done a better job. If he was being coached, he should really fire the people doing the coaching. Think about it.


At 7:32 PM, Blogger opinionion said...

I'm not much for conspiracy theories. BUT, I love this one. It may not be totally compelling, but its deliciously compelling.

At 12:03 AM, Blogger taters said...

Like the previous post, I'm not a much of a conspiracist either. But I sure as hell wouldn't put anything past these bastards. The latest "Emperors New Clothes" episode "The debate" shows their facade continuing to crack even more widely. Damage control was in full swing on all the Sun morning news shows. I'm sure Hughes/Rowe would have no qualms about doing this but how about some credit to our future president and former prosecutor/investigator? Kerry took him apart. Throughout his sorry tenure Bush has fired people with impunity and had no one to answer to. Bush "loyalty" meaning some kind of twisted, unthinking, amoral, feudal servitude.
Witness the departure of Paul O'Neal, R.Clarke, Zinni, Shinseki, Franks ( after he was summarily relieved and humiliated for requesting more troops - apparently wanted more abuse so he went BACK over to the dark side to tow the co line )However I'm of the opinion that Bush's implosion was/is his innability to engage in critical thinking coupled with his arrogance of "divine right" and therefore not having a peer or anyone he has to answer to, caused his "cuz I said so" world to crumble. And of course,was taken to task by a formidable Mr Kerry.

At 7:48 AM, Blogger sunyassi said...

The reference to divinity on behalf of George W's debate responses is very appropriate. (See Taters)
Since George believes that God is using him through a "calling" years ago, he now is responding only to that premise. Therefore, George may have been responding to a message from God - obviously God wanted to tell him something that George was not patient enough to listen to until he had his answer completed. Who knows!!?!!

At 1:26 AM, Blogger batya said...


At 8:15 AM, Blogger CrossTab said...

Interesting premise -- that it was God speaking to Bush during debate #1, whether through a wireless earpiece or the fillings in his teeth or some other way.

Personally, I've been very gratified to see reports of this rumor moving from outlets like The Peach to higher-profile spots like Raw Story and thence to the pages of the New York Times and Washington Post. And the Bush campaign then has to say something in its own defense, because it can't afford to ignore these things. The power of the blogosphere! Let's keep on making it count.


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