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Monday, November 01, 2004

Baron's Brain: Time To Wake Up

What makes us American? The Brain thinks about progress, ingenuity, adaption, the truth, rights, democracy. This is not a land built on the philosophy of "you're either for us or against us". We are a nation built on the undeniable fact, not the belief, that when we stand, we stand next to a countryman. The Brain wants to feel that again.

The feelings of "Americana" have survived decades (even centuries) of battle and victory, prosperity and depression, anger and jubilation. They are things that we live and breath. They are what make us part of the American fabric. The Brain asks that all readers wake up on Nov. 2 and reclaim their independence and their part of a united nation.

We have lived under the rule of an administration that has hidden the truth, and has promoted and forced their form of belief and government upon us. The Brain feels that the current mode of governing isn't concerned with America's historical breadth and purpose. Instead, it is constructed on a selfish agenda that favors only those who believe, support and benefit from it, while casting away those who don't agree, aren't relevant or, what is even more frightening, aren't aware of how this administration leaves them blind and deprived.

That is not what Lady Liberty expects from this country. We must say no to our current state of government. We should not be a land that takes advantage of the struggling majority in order to better provide for the striving minority. We must begin to mend rather than separate. We can not survive as a country if we insist that strength comes through division.

We have lived in fear long enough. It is time to stand up, bravely, and say no to Bush.


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