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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Hell No, We Won't Go

CBS News is reporting that a National Guard soldier ordered to duty in Iraq is challenging the administration's "stop-loss" policy and asking a judge to block the military from involuntarily extending his enlistment. The "stop-loss" program extends enlistment beyond the expected time of service for tens of thousands of military personnel.

The soldier's attorney is arguing that "stop-loss" can only be legally implemented when Congress declares war, and not in Iraq. The Peach suspects that if this soldier is succesful there will be a lot of other soldiers fighting to get out of fighting. This would definitely put a huge wrinkle in Bush's "there won't be a draft" promise. With the decrease in enlistment (this usually happens when young men and women are afraid of getting shot at) and no end in sight to the war, it might be time to consider looking north once again.


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