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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Oh, And Then There's That Disaster Called "The War In Iraq"

Now that you "blinded by wool" idiots pulled the lever for Bush, actually believing the deceitful bile that flowed from his orifice, this story from Al Jazeera appears. It seems that those fearless physicians from Doctors Without Borders have had enough. They're packing up their stethoscopes and getting the hell out of Baghdad. Apparently, it's become too dangerous (oh, really?). According to the director general:
"It has become impossible for us, as an international humanitarian organisation,to guarantee an acceptable level of security for our staff, whether they are expatriates or Iraqis," said Gorik Ooms, director general of MSF-Belgium.
And when was Bushy planning on opening up that "Thank God For Americans" theme park?


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