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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Victims Of The Fallujah Assault

For all those pro-war, let's bomb those Iraqis into submission, that actually believe American soldiers are only killing insurgents, The Peach suggests they take a look at this piece from The Guardian. The article describes how a father watched his nine-year old son bleed to death from a shrapnel wound to the stomach. Because of the fighting in the streets he was unable to leave their home and take him in for treatment. After the boy died they buried him in the garden because, as the father put it, "it was too dangerous to go out."

The Peach heard some official say that this assault was necessary in order to maintain the January 05 election date. Why does this seem like such a pathetic rationale to inflict such suffering? Pity the poor civilians who die for this administration's selfishness, arrogance and insensitivity. The Peach is saddened by how ugly we have truly become.


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