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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Another "I Lied To Get Re-elected" Bush Moment

In what The Peach feels will become a common event, Bush has rescinded his campaign support for legalizing prescription drug imports, claiming now that it would be too costly to do it safely. According to the administration report, regulating prescription drugs from abroad would wipe away most savings and diminish investments in newer drugs.

Yet, many supporters of drug imports, which include Republicans, claim the report's findings are not suprising considering that many on the task force opposed drug importation from the get-go. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson, R-Mo said the report sounds as if it were written by the PhRMA, the drug industry trade group.

Bush responded by saying before we allow someone to buy a product, we need to make sure it works. What Bush fails to mention is that many of the drugs imported from Canada are purchased by Canadian pharmacies from U.S. drug companies, or that Canadian drug makers are required to follow similar strict standards as American companies. And with all the Vioxx, Celebrex, Alleve, Naproxen controversy going on, The Peach finds it hard to believe that our drugs are that much safer.

To top it off, this grand flip-flop moment was discovered. In May, Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said the president should not veto drug importation legislation because of its political potency. Interestingly enough, this past Tuesday, Thompson stated in a letter that Bush should veto legislation that doesn't address safety concerns and should, instead, urge Congress to address the cost of excessive litigation, a typical Bush administration deflection.

The Peach asks this question. If we go after all those trial lawyers, who's going to protect the regular people from the pharmaceutical giants that lobby the FDA to approve drugs that eventually will kill us? It's obvious this administration isn't.


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