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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Inching Towards Vietnam

With Bush finally admitting that Iraqi bombers are having an effect, and this latest front-page report from Al Jazeera claiming that U.S. warplanes launched an airstrike on the town of Hiyt, killing six civilians and wounding nine others, The Peach examines the deteriorating situation and dares to bring up the 'V' word: Vietnam. Each day brings more fantastic moments of disaster, and for this administration's claims of all the good this war has done, the horrific pattern of daily chaos is set and it will not change even with the elections of Jan. 30th.

For even more evidence of similarities with Vietnam, Bush is now threatening Syria with economic and diplomatic sanctions, claiming the Syrian government harbors insurgents and Saddam loyalists, is funding terrorist groups in Iraq, and is now also pursuing WMD's. Will Syria become the next Cambodia? It all sounds strangely familiar.

The current state of the news in America isn't any help either. While soldiers deal with the persistent negative press Americans receive from middle-eastern newspapers on a daily basis, this nation relies on the pro-Bush media to tell us how well the war is going. The Peach firmly believes that the U.S. press won't touch any story on American soldiers killing civilians, or any other reports condemning this war. If they do, they're painted as left-wing, anti-patriotic, terrorist lovers. Granted, Al Jazeera tends to take an anti-U.S. stance, but Americans must recognize that people in the Arab world do not watch Fox-News nor read the NY Post. Al Jazeera is like Brinkley/Cronkite/Huntley combined to Arab readers.

Finally, in what The Peach hopes is a prescursor to mass protests similar to those during the Vietnam era, a recent poll taken by ABC News/Washington Post finds that fifty-six percent of Americans feel the war is not worth it. Maybe Amercans are now realizing that the Iraq plan is a complete fraud and it is destined for utter failure.

With all of this, The Peach is left to ponder, if it walks like Vietnam and talks like Vietnam, is it Vietnam?


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