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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Another Sign Of Failure

In an obvious rebuke of the Bush administration's Iraq plans, Iraq's president is now urging the United Nations to look into whether the country should go ahead with the planned January 30th elections. Ghazi al-Yawar's pronouncement came on the heels of the assasination of Baghdad's governor Ali Haidri, the highest-profile killing in the past eight months. In an interview with Reuters Mr. al-Yawar had this to say about U.N. involvement:
"Definitely the United Nations, the party who is independent, who cannot be threatened or intimidated and who is credible in the international community, should really stand up for their responsibilities and obligations by saying whether (the election) is possible or not."
He also pointed out that the security situation was dangerously deteriorating, and hinted that the U.S. is ignoring warnings of increased insurgent activity in other cities.

The Peach sees this as another chapter in this administration's failure in Iraq. After numerous rejections by Bush of any U.N. assistance, the interim Iraqi government is now sidestepping U.S. authority to get the U.N.'s "credible" perspective on the upcoming elections.


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