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Friday, January 07, 2005

Bush Lying To Promote Reform

As if twisting the truth to get re-elected weren't enough, Bush is now back to lying in order to put a positive spin on his whacked-out agenda. In yet another bizarre attempt to promote litigation reform, he is now claiming that asbestos-litigation has caused companies to go bankrupt and is clogging the court system.

All of this is Bush again performing a slight of hand. Even though he conveniently mentioned that over 100,000 claims were filed last year, he failed to mention that only 50-60 of those went to trial. He also failed to point out that Macomb County, Michigan, where this speech was given, is among the top three Michigan counties for asbestos related deaths.

And if that weren't enough to set The Peach's fuzz afire, The Peach finds out that since 1978, 578,000 of those asbestos claims came against none other than Haliburton, VP Dick's old haunting grounds. In fact, the company just recently settled an asbestos claim against them, all while trying to get Congress to bail them out.

Just another instance of Bush distorting facts in order to protect his corporate comrades.


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