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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Dumbya Math

In a new sleight of hand, the Bush administration is releasing their deficit projection without including expenditures and cuts that would send it into the trillions of dollars. The omissions included the $80 billion additional funds requested for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the $1 to $2 trillion cost for revamping Social Security and the $1.8 trillion price tag to extend Bush's tax cuts.

What's even a bigger kick in the head is that even with these exclusions the projected 2005 deficit will still be the third highest ever, following last year's $412 billion and 2003's $377 billion gaps. It seems Bush is going to steal, cheat and lie about the economy, too. With this in mind, The Peach would like to know if we can start bring up that "fuzzy math" thing again?


At 7:39 PM, Blogger fullofbeans said...

Well, Peach, you should be very familiar with things fuzzy. Seriously, you have it exactly right here. Can we please just have a government that isn't totally stupid and dishonest ALL the time? Please?


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