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Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Next Cover-Up Expert

In articles by the Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post, it appears that Bush isn't nominating Alberto Gonzales for the position of attorney general, but instead as a yes-man to Bush's bizarre sense of legal policies.

The Chicago Tribune piece reaffirms Gonzales' strange interpretation of international law to include a commander in chief's ability to override laws forbidding illegal torture. The question to be put to Gonzales is whether Bush knew of these policies or whether Gonzales recommended these tactics while hiding the truth from Bush.

The Washington Post article seems to point to Gonzales favoring the latter. In 1995 Gonzales, acting as then Texas Gov. Bush's official counsel, sidestepped advising on the legality of a specific death sentence case, and instead constructed a memo which conveniently excluded crucial facts in order to justify an inmate's execution.

And in yet another piece proving that Gonzales' title should be changed to cover-up expert, the AP wire is reporting that the White House is refusing to hand over documents that provide information on the extent of Gonzales' involvement in the decision to allow aggressive interogations of terrorism detainees.

The problem The Peach is having with Gonzales' nomination is that he will not provide Bush with impartial legal advice. That is what the attorney general should do. Instead, Americans are yet again furnished with another lap-dog for Bush's ill conceived notions and policies.


At 2:27 AM, Blogger josh narins said...

I hardly ever liked Top Cop Crisco, former AG John Ashcroft, but he did have one upside, as compared to Gonzales.

Ashcoft had been elected Missouri AG, Missouri Governor and Missouri Senator, and had a career that existed with, or without, (tip to Maru) President Bunnypants.

Alberto doesn't really exist without Bush.


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