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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

NIH Whistleblower Fires Back

In this breaking story from the AP wire, Dr. Jonathan Fishbein has testified that federal officials involved in a U.S. funded study of an AIDS drug used in Uganda endagenered the lives of hundreds of patients because of carless and negligent research practices. Dr. Fishbein went on to state that the consequences of their failure "have grave and sometimes fatal implications for the lives of real patients."

Apparently, top officials at NIH became so invested in the Ugandan trial outcome that they could not be objective and dismissed concerns that the study should have stopped, ultimately keeping the clinics distributing the flawed drug open. Documents show that NIH knew of the problems in early 2002, but failed to alert anyone. The drug, nevirapine, subsequently became the "drug du jour" for Bush's "stop AIDS in Africa" plan.

The Peach has been following this ongoing story and will continue to keep its readers posted.


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