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Monday, January 10, 2005

"They Are Kidding Themselves"

That's the response from Saad Abdul-Aziz Rawi, the head of the 13-member electoral commission of Sunni dominated Anbar province, just after the entire commission resigned and went into hiding. Insurgent attacks have prevented voter registration in the province making it "impossible to hold elections."

Even though the U.S. insists that Sunni participation is necessary to make the vote legitimate, this is the second major blow to the planned elections. Last month the largest political party representing Sunnis announced it was withdrawing.

The U.S. response to all this is to step up their attacks in violent neighborhoods. Unfortunately, and not suprisingly, this strategy is yet another misstep in the Iraq debacle. One attack narrowly missed an elementary school filled with children taking exams. In another, the Army claimed that it had mistakenly dropped a 500 pound bomb on the wrong house killing 14 members of one family, including 10 women and children.

There are numerous other accounts of stressed out soldiers becoming more and more trigger happy, killing innocent civilians. The Peach wonders how any election can be perceived as legitimate in such a desperate and chaotic climate.


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