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Thursday, February 10, 2005

As Gay As Harvey Fierstein


The New York Daily News is reporting that a conservative ringer who was given a press pass and lobbed such excruciatingly difficult questions as "How can you work with Democrats when they seem divorced from reality?" at Bush, was in fact the owner of several gay websites and connected to gay prostitution. The picture to the left shows Bush giving Jeff Gannon, aka Jim Guckert, what The Peach can only assume to be a friendly handshake after a press conference. Or is Jeff/Jim proposing an alternative to gay marriage?


At 9:29 PM, Blogger taters said...

Guckert sounds like a noise made in the bathroom after way TOO much to drink. How this gay porn website prostitute got access to the classified info re Valerie Plame's outing is even more the story. So, let me get this, a fake journalist with an alias went who to a right wing fake journalism/talking points camp for two days. No pres credentials. Qualifies for a daily day pass in the White House even though Congress refuses him access because they know Talon is a fake news agency (without an office.) Too bad there haven't been any no leads leading to Swift Boat funding. Shame on Kurtz for letting McClellan slide on this.


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