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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

More For Them, Less For Us

The same week Bush announced huge cuts in domestic spending, earmarked mainly for those in dire need of the funds, the White House is doling out $100 million to Poland for their support in the Iraq war. Dubbed by Bush "the solidarity initiative," the amount accounts for one-fourth of the total package Bush is requesting for all nations who were either duped into getting involved, simply bribed, or both.

It isn't enough that Bush is shelling out money that so many struggling Americans could use. What The Peach sees as yet another typically stupid move by this administration is their co-opting of a name ("solidarity") which reflected the Poles' battle to unionize and organize their workers against their communist government. This name came to symbolize the workers' struggle against the ownership class, a struggle which, in today's America, Bush totally opposes. Now, like an idiot, Bush is using that name simply because, well, it's Polish.


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