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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The E(nergy) P(rotection) A(gency)

AAA is reporting that the EPA has overestimated the average gallons per mile on vehicles in America because they have been using outdated 30-year-old-tests. Some of the EPA listings gave automobiles up to 15 miles per gallon more than AAA's "real world" findings. The US Congress is now offering legislation that would require the EPA to update its procedures.

The Peach wonders if such legislation will get through, though. It seems awfully suspicious, with this administration's record of distorting the truth, that this was really a case of outdated procedures. This is obviously a poor attempt to protect both the auto and energy industries. The Peach looks at it this way: if the miles per gallon rates are higher, then the government doesn't have to push the auto industry to create more energy efficient automobiles. What in turn happens is that we use more fuel then we are led to believe and Bush starts beating his "we can't rely on Arab oil" war drums again. This leads to more lobbying for the energy industry drilling in the Alaskan wilderness.

All of this seems pretty obvious to The Peach and the SCLM needs to look into these egregious discrepancies. It's inconceivable for it to be a simple mistake. The Peach finds itself again wondering when we will hear a shred of truth from this admistration.


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