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Friday, March 18, 2005

Your Tax Dollars Circling The Drain

Yesterday the U.S. Congress curiously took on two issues that has The Peach wondering whether these people don't have something better to do.

First, House lawmakers were busy trying to prevent doctors from removing the feeding tube from Terry Schiavo. For those of you who have been out of the loop Ms. Schiavo is the Florida woman in a vegetative state whose husband has been fighting in courts to have her feeding tube removed so that she may pass on. Unfortunately, she has ultimately become the poster person for Republicans' "agenda of life," shamelessly being thrust into the media limelight. The Peach supposes it helps that the governor of Florida just happens to be Jeb Bush and that he has attempted a number of times to undermine Florida courts' rulings that doctors must remove the tube. One can only wonder if Republicans in Congress would jump in if the same actions were done by a Democratic governor like, say, Jennifer Granholm of Michigan. The Peach thinks not.

Second, there's the comic sideshow better known as "baseball on steroids scandal." The thought that our government is spending countless days on this makes The Peach's pit ache. And the fact that they gave a stage and microphone to that mush head Jose Canseco so that he can again advertise his book is nothing short of scandalous in itself. Listening to this idiot asking the committee to grant him immunity was a joke. They don't even have the authority to do such things! This guy has been watching too many episodes of Law and Order and really thinks this is high drama. Then to top that we had to listen to Mark McGwire boo hoo himself while pleading the 5th. Puh-uh-uh-lease!!!. And once these investigations are over what is Congress going to do? Offer some "recommendations?"

What The Peach wants to know is when are these congressional members going to stop supplying Bush with so many needed diversions, kindly allowing him to go around promoting his dangerous agenda? When are they going to do some real work and look into the dirty ways this administration is getting things done? When are they going to investigate Jeff Gannon's ability to access the White House in order to strengthen Bush's propoganda machine? When are they going to investigate the NIH's seemingly scandal- ridden way they police themselves? When are they going to investigate the EPA for inflating miles-per-gallon estimates on autos while Bush was pushing for drilling in the Arctic claiming that the problem was not auto efficiency? When will the SCLM stand up to this government and demand answers on issues that really matter to the American people?

The Peach is waiting.


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