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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

American Propoganda Machine In Iraq

For those of you who actually believe that "democracy" is coming to Iraq, The Peach recommends a look at this blog written by an Iraqi woman living in Baghdad. The blog is named "Baghdad Burning" and discusses not only the dangers of living in American occupied Iraq, but also how the Bush doctrine of democracy includes such mush-forming TV shows as Wheel of Fortune, The Bachelor and The Contender.

The blog is run by someone who calls themself Riverbend. Riverbend points out that the present form of democracy includes sanitized newscasts spending more time on Terry Schiavo then on the daily killing of Iraqi civilians. The Peach is not surprised by this considering the current pathetic state of American news media. They allow themselves to be co-opted by an event that only a sliver of Americans are interested in. It just so happens that that sliver is the loudly obnoxious religious-right. The Peach supposes if a cat is shrieking outside your bedroom every night you're eventually going to look out your window.

What The Peach appreciates is Riverbend's suggestion for a new reality show in which 15 Bush supporters are thrown into Faloojeh (Riverbend's spelling) for 14 days, attempting to rebuild their bombed out house and survive amidst danger and chaos on $150. The Peach suggests we send the stars of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to Iraq. Let's put the reality back in reality.


At 6:31 PM, Blogger Eric Bradley said...

I think that this post brings up some very important points about our government that should start raising awareness among Americans. I am currently researching government propaganda, and I would like to invite anyone to comment or post on my blog.


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