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Friday, April 22, 2005

Big Oil = $Billions----Amtrak = $0

The Peach can do nothing but shrivel its fuzzy forehead when it looks at Bush's spending plans for this nation. On the heels of pushing through $81 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan (which now pushes the war's total cost to well over $300 billion dollars), Bush's self-congratulatory Energy Bill is expected to give energy companies billions of dollars in tax breaks, making it even easier for oil executives to purchase that additional vacation home in the Bahamas.

And don't believe that crap that Bush is troubled by some of the bill's subsidies. He and VP Dick's 'energy task force' carved out this giant slice of pie for their buddies over four years ago. If he's that troubled then he should veto the bill. But The Peach knows that will not be the case. Bush will sign this bill even if it means depriving the American people of yet another everyday necessity.

Which brings us to Amtrak. While Bush continues to act as if he really wants transportation and fuel alternatives in order to conserve, his newest budget proposal has the Feds tossing Amtrak a big goose egg. That's right-- zippo, niente, nada, nichts, the big hula hoop. Not one thin dime. Senators on both sides of the aisle are arguing that such action is basically a nod to shut the place down.

To The Peach what is happening is crystal clear. Instead of pursuing different methods of commuting like mass transit, high speed rails, etc., Bush's alternative is to offer no alternative and continue to funnel all of our finances to companies that would prefer the staus quo of burning as much fuel as we can. Bush says we're burning too much fuel, but his proposals require that we go ahead and burn more.

The Peach doesn't call him Dumbya for nothing.


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