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Friday, April 22, 2005

The Cowardly Liar

After bragging how he wanted to "get his hands dirty"on Earth Day, Bush cancelled his planned trip to the Great Smoky Mountains because of, heaven help us, rain. That's right, the imminent threat of thunderstorms, hail, lions, tigers, bears and, what could be even more threatening, environmentalists is keeping the lord of the wimps from a more than certain embarassing photo-op. Why anyone would actually expect him to publicly celebrate Earth Day, an event that he could give a rat's ass about, is beyond The Peach's comprehension.

Instead our fearful leader will make a brief stop in Knoxville where, oddly enough, the forecast is similarly calling for thunderstorms. The Peach is sure the choreographed audience of Bushniks was easier to round up there.


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