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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

'Gonna Git Mexcans'

The Peach suggests the U.S. government begin changing our border signs to "Welcome To Vigilante Nation." This article from The Christian Science Monitor reports that starting in April approximately 1,500 "minutemen" will begin monitoring illegal crossings at the Arizona-Mexico border. That's right, men and women in RV's, drinking beer, communicating via walkie-talkies and, The Peach suspects, toting their favorite firearm are going to don their camouflage and begin tracking the movements of illegal immigrants.

Apparently, the totally volunteer group formed via the internet with the sole purpose of "saving the Union." Even though the U.S. Border Patrol has stated that these backyard Rambos will not help them do their job, these people have taken it upon themselves to save America for Americans. And it doesn't appear that our current wild-west administration is going to lift a finger to prevent what The Peach believes is nothing short of a national embarassment. Is this what Bush really means by faith-based initiatives?


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