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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

"Republicans Eat Their Own"

That's how Sen. Trent Lott responded when questioned about the cold shoulder given by a number of fellow Republicans after Tom DeLay's most recent attempt to gather party support in his attempt to ward off investigations into ethics questions. Lott went on to say that "The power of prayer is the only thing that will sustain you," obviously reflecting a lack of desire to join DeLay's looney diatribes, which now place the blame for his troubles on billionaire George Soros and the grass-roots group

DeLay's appeal to Senate Republicans included a request for members to tell reporters that "this is all a plot and the Democrats are out to get me." This appears to be a refusal to do what Sen. Rick Santorum suggested just days earlier, "to come forward and lay out what he did and why he did it." It seems that DeLay would rather dodge, lie and deflect than tell the truth, unwittingly proving that he is guilty of the charges laid against him.

With all of that said, The Peach would like to add one other thing. The Peach is mildly offended that DeLay didn't mention The Peach as one of his enemies. The Peach's fuzz gets all blushy red when it gets mentioned by others and The Peach just loves attention, even if it came from a lizard like DeLay. Besides, stated that DeLay gives them more credit than they deserve. So, c'mon Tom. Let's share the love.


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