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Friday, April 22, 2005

Selfish Bastard

For those right-wingers who felt that Sen. Rick Santorum only had Terry Schiavo's interests in mind when he so vigorously argued for Federal intervention, The Peach strongly suggests they read this article. It appears that the Pennsylavania representative raked in a cool $104,000 from Florida donors during his high profile, three month public vigil for Schiavo.

The bulk, $84,300, was collected on March 29th and 30th when he made campaign stops at four Florida cities. One of those stops included praying with the Schiavo parents outside of Terry Schiavo's hospice room, just two days before she died. Ironically enough, Santorum actually received the $84,300 on the day Terry passed away.

All of this comes at a time when polling numbers are not looking kindly at "Right-Wing Rick." The potential Democratic opponent, Robert P. Casey Jr., holds a 14 percentage point lead in a possible Senate race. The poll also found that only 14 percent of Pennsylvania voters were more likely to vote for Santorum because of his Schiavo involvement.

Pennsylvanians should not only be angered by the fact that Rick is fueling his campaign with money from right-wing lunatics living in a far away state whose daily temperature is 15-20 degrees warmer then theirs. They should also be absolutely livid that he abused the painful circumstances of Terry Schiavo and the entire Schiavo family for his own selfish cause.

If there were a trap door that was activated by a button with the inscription "Burn in Hell" on it, then Santorum should be standing on that door.


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