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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Your Tax Dollars At Work

YNGFBT, but those hermetically-sealed revival meetings that Bush has been holding for believers only around the nation, to fake the appearance of support for his social security privatization scheme are paid for by your tax dollars. It seems to the Peach that public meetings, held by our government and paid for by us, ought to be open to all comers, whether they have been prescreened for agreement with the presidents policies or not.

It is disgusting enough that throughout his campaigns and in most public appearances for Bush, we see protesters limited to oxymoronic "free speech zones." But here, we are talking about an effort to make a major change in the social security safety net that millions of Americans depend on, and we cannot sit still to let that change take place without genuine public debate -- debate that takes place in front of, or better still, WITH, the president.

It is not only that the president is thus able (to some extent) to create the illusion of an America that stands solidly behind his idiotic policies. It is the grotesque injustice that is being perpetrated on you, and on all of us, the fact that our Constitutional rights are being violated here. We pay for these events, this is our government (God help us) and we all have a right to have access to it. The United States of America is a free speech zone.


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