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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bush's Defense Exposed

Not to push Laura's lament of George "milking a male horse," but it seems that Bush's manliness is beginning to shrivel when it comes not only to his self-arousing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but ultimately America's overall military capabilities.

In a leaked classified report, General Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Congress that the US would be unable to win any new wars as quickly as planned. Even so, Myers tried to reassure Congress that the US military in time could defeat its enemies as long as there are enough soldiers, tanks, aircraft and warships to do the job.

Not so fast, General. Army figures and interviews with senior military officials have disclosed that the active-duty Army is in danger of failing to meet its recruting goals and is suffering from manpower strain. Meanwhile, in an attempt to keep fresh soldiers out in the field, the Army is reducing the number of days between sign-up and boot camp by 50 percent.

Those officials concluded that '05 in Iraq will be a test, but doable. The concern is whether the Army can supply a seasoned, rested and ready force into '06. With only half the number of recruits in the pipeline compared to last year, and every day the Iraq war becoming less attractive to youngsters, it seems the Army is again reaching into their bag of 40 and 50 year old reservists in a seemingly futile effort to juice up the military.

These conclusions cannot be comforting for Bush's "Texas Ranger-like" persona. With the current onslaught of publicity suggesting emasculation and those nagging picutures of him holding hands with the Saudi prince, it can only be further embarassing when he discovers that the chambers of his "revolver" are actually empty.

The Peach wonders if the lights are beginning to dim on Mr. Entertainment's sock-puppet show.


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