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Saturday, May 21, 2005

First They Came for the Gays

A group of Californians who oppose equality for gay people is petitioning to place a state constitutional amendment in front of voters that would not only limit marriage rights to "one man and one woman," but would strip gay families of existing marriage-like rights.

The scope of the amendment language is significant. According to PlanetOut News, "[T]he proposed amendment would take away many marriage-like privileges currently extended to same-sex couples registered as domestic partners. In addition, state and local governments would no longer be allowed to extend health benefits to domestic partners of gay or lesbian workers."

The group needs 600,000 signatures to get their amendment on the ballot.

The amendment's Web site,, does not provide any clues about the group's leaders or financial backers. We hope the SCLM will make it their business to find out. An extreme group is looking to roll back the rights of one minority, under the sanitized language of "protecting" heterosexual marriage and suggesting that it is more "natural," "sacred," etc. This is way too close for The Peach's taste to white supremacist groups who talk about protecting the rights of "European Americans." If they are allowed to proceed unchallenged, a grave injustice will be done -- one that the Peach believes every correct-thinking American needs to stand up and oppose.

VoteYesMarriage provides contact information on its Web site. We urge our readers to take them up on the offer and let them know exactly what you think about their efforts to devalue gay families. E-mailing them through their site is probably easiest, but you can write or call too:

California Marriage Amendment
P.O. Box 511
Sacramento, Calif. 95812
Phone: 916-265-5643
Fax: 916-848-3456

The Peach also encourages readers to contact the mainstream media to encourage them to take a hard look at this group and who is funding them. The time to aggressively take control of the positioning on this effort is now, when the petition is at the earliest stages of signature gathering and the group has not yet filed campaign finance information with the California Secretary of State.


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