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Friday, May 06, 2005


If anyone wants to know what kind of Republican receives a 100 percent rating on the American Family Association's scorecard, The Peach suggests they follow the story of Republican Congressman Don Sherwood. It seems "America's largest pro-family action site" gave the perfect score to the 64-year-old Pennsylvania representative while he was in the midst of a torrid 6-year-affair with 29-year-old Cynthia Ore of Rockville, Md.

The affair, which began one year after Sherwood won the congressional seat, was exposed when Ms. Ore called 911 claiming that Sherwood began choking her while giving her a back rub. Since the incident Ore has hired a law firm to protect her from retaliation by Sherwood and/or other personal or party associates. Ms. Ore stated that Sherwood "loved me" but that he had "to stay married to get elected."

In 2000, while supporting the eliminaion of the "marriage penalty" tax, Sherwood said "we ought to be doing more to support marriage instead of penalizing couples." It appears now that Don will be facing both sides of that statement: attempting to support his marriage while being part of a penalized couple.


At 10:45 AM, Blogger Blue said...

No doubt it's all those gay couples that made him do it. You know, they send out that mojo that insidiously corrupts and destroy's heterosexual marriages . . .


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