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Friday, May 27, 2005

What First Amendment?

Boy, are supporters of "Little Boots" Bush thin skinned or what? At El Camino Real High School in California, posters advertising a satirical play performed by its students depicting Bush with a Grouch Marx-style mustache and cigar, were ordered torn down after a student complained.

According to the school Principal Kenny Lee, a senior student was "very upset," and if "something is bothering a student on campus, we're going to address it." Subsequently, the drama students redesigned the poster to display a silhouette of Bush and a burning cigar, along with the inscription "What First Amendment?"

Wait a minute, here. ONE student? The Peach is sorry, but after Bush has been shoving around his supposed "political capital" insisting that his election represents the "majority of American people," the fact that this school is going to crumble under the woeful snuffles of one student sounds all so, well, Republican.


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