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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Wingnut Smackdown!

No sooner had The Peach pressed "publish" on the post below, when we learned that the Traditional Values Coalition was claiming a hoax had been pulled. "Wait!" you say. "Wasn't that the 'Coalition for Traditional Values'?" Yes, and there's the rub. It seems that two extreme-right, nearly identically-named organizations, one apparently somewhat wing-nuttier than the other, are now engaged in a very public cat fight over the First Lady's wifely submissiveness.

The Traditional Values Coalition (TVC), headed by Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, claims that the organization found Mrs. Bush's jokes highly entertaining and not in violation of Biblical injunctions against women jesting in public about their husbands giving hand-jobs to horses. The group further asserts that the letter sent out by the very similarly named Coalition for Traditional Values (CTV), headed by Pastor Roy DeLong, is a hoax and part of "an ongoing campaign of harassment" by CTV against TVC.

Pastor DeLong, for his part, thinks that both the First Lady's humor and TVC's approval of same are anything but amusing. The Swift Report quotes Pastor DeLong as commenting, "If the Traditional Values Coalition thinks it's funny for the most important woman in America to mock the traditional family structure, I guess I'd have to disagree."

For its part, The Peach is not sure what to think. Of late, so many far-right groups have overreached to the point of becoming grotesque caricatures of themselves (the Family Research Council's "Justice Sunday" burlesque comes to mind). We're not sure precisely how someone would determine whether the TVC/CTV flap is a hoax in the true sense, or just a natural progression of contemporary right-wing extremism, to a kind of operatic, self-parodying theater of the absurd.

We hope someone with investigative resources in the SCLM, if not the blogosphere, makes the effort to find out, even though determining the truth may be harder than squeezing milk from, er, a horse.


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