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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Deaf and Dumb

More evidence that "Little Boots" Bush listens to only one of two voices (either that of Karl Rove or the tiny one inside that cavernous skull of his) can be found in this report.

Two American experts of Asia are claiming that in 2002 North Korean leader Kim Jong-il attempted to initiate direct discussions of nuclear weapons issues with this administration, but the White House "spurned" any discussions.

Former U.S. ambassador to South Korea Donald Gregg and journalist Don Oberdofer said while they were in Pyongyang in 2002 they were given a written personal message from Kim to Bush. In the letter Kim stated that the two sides "should be able to find a way to resolve the nuclear issue in compliance with the demands of a new century."

Gregg and Oberdofer took the message to White House and State Department officials and urged them to follow up. Unfortunately, with the administration gearing up for the war in Iraq, the engagement was immediately rejected.

What is with this administration? Flying in the face of their claims of making Americans safer, past and current actions and events only highlight the fact that they are ultimately making the world a more dangerous place. Dumbya doesn't realize that the more he acts like a cowboy, the more he is turning the world into the wild-west.


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