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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Inching Towards Civil War

In yet another sign that "Little Boots" Bush's vision of democracy is deteriorating into civil war, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani voiced support for Shiite militias that have been accused of killing Sunni followers and clerics.

Since the Shiite and Kurdish dominated government took over more than 870 Iraqis have been killed by suspected Sunni insurgents. During that time, both Sunni and Shiite clerics have been killed in revenge attacks.

A spokesperson for the Association of Muslim Scholars said Talabani's actions and comments were consistent with "U.S. policies to prolong the struggle in Iraq and turn it into an Iraq-Iraq conflict." He went on to accuse the Shiite militias counterinsurgent crackdowns as being "heavy-handed" and targeting mainly Sunnis.

Adding to the potential for an all-out violent eruption, the U.S. military has exempted many Shiite and Kurdish militias from disbanding because they supported military efforts in the war against Saddam.

Just another example of things gone bad in Iraq.


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